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Probity Medical Research Re-Launches


Clinical research company, Probity Medical Research Inc. (PMR), re-launched, the online portal to connect patients with medical researchers in Canada, the US and Australia.

Since was first launched in 2008, people in over 110 countries have visited the website to learn about upcoming clinical research studies (also called clinical trials) in their area. In the past 3 years has received thousands of registrations from people looking for clinical trials. In order to make it easier for patients to connect with researchers, PMR has re-designed

The re-designed website allows visitors to search for clinical trials in their community and register for ongoing or upcoming trials for their condition. After registering, a visitor is contacted by a research centre in their community to discuss participating in a clinical trial for conditions such as prostate cancer, bladder cancer, psoriasis, rosacea and many others.  " is all about connecting patients with physicians in their community who perform clinical research trials", comments Dr. Kim Papp, Clinical Researcher and PMR President.

In addition to, PMR uses social networking such as Twitter (@PMRTrials) and Facebook to connect people with a local research facility studying their disease. According to Ted Trafford, Managing Director of PMR, "Clinical trials are critical to finding new treatments for diseases. In order to conduct the research, we need people with those conditions to discover clinical trials that are ongoing in their cities".

Visit to find out more about clinical trials.

About Probity Medical Research Inc.

Probity Medical Research Inc. (PMR) is a clinical research company based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada that trains and provides administrative support for clinical research facilities. Established in 1995 by internationally recognized dermatology and psoriasis researcher Dr. Kim Papp, PMR has grown to include clinical research sites located in the United States, Canada, and Australia. The physicians affiliated with PMR have conducted over 500 clinical research studies involving more than 13,000 patients.

For more information about the Investigators who work with PMR and their experience in clinical research please contact Sarah Gamble, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, 519-576-0768 ext. 243 or


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